Online Travel Market
Connect with China in a New Way

A virtual B2B travel exhibition dedicated to connecting global travel trade & the outbound market of China continuously.

Features of OTM

Easy to participate

Easily access to the market via either smart phone or computers.

Lots of business opportunities

One-click connection to Chinese tour operators and travel agencies, OTAs and companies related to tourism industries.

Fast connection between exhibitors and buyers

Overseas exhibitors can communicate with Chinese buyers online directly to obtain first-hand prices, establishing global travel business contacts.

Why choose OTM

The B2B platform is to help the overseas exhibitors and Chinese buyers to establish and expand business cooperation.

Strength of OTM

Overseas exhibitors and Chinese buyers can communicate and interact directly online throughout the year while they cannot travel and participate in the international tourism exhibitions and events;

To help global tour operators to establish business contacts online in a more convenient, efficient and low-cost manner;

OTM is not an online exhibition only:

Make use of cost-effective, efficient and comprehensive online marketing channels and social media platforms to help overseas exhibitors access and expand the Chinese outbound market;

Vivid and practical online activities can help the exhibitors present their products and services as well as educate Chinese tour operators effectively.

OTM focuses on the new development trend of Chinese outbound travel

Integrate the latest global travel industry information to help Chinese tour operators know more the development of Chinese outbound travel market;

Showcase interviews with travel experts and share their experience on tourism industry.